You will love the esquisite atmosphere we created by blending together modern facilities with bits of relaxing natural beauty. The hall is spacios and well lit during the day while cozy and warm in the evening, perfect for the successful business lunch or the romantic dinner during a city adventure.

Our restaurant is the place where one can find a thoughtful selection of international and traditional, local dishes, crafted from fresh ingredients and using artisanal techniques.

Our breakfast is a symphony of choices and flavors, best suited to help you start a great day.


BelCanto is certainly a surprising dining experience due to the following:

  • Sophisticated ambiance – a blend of…
    • classic and modern,
    • outdoor and indoor,
    • well lit during the day, cozy in the evening
  • Amazing dishes…
    • created with the help of leading chefs
    • painstakingly perfected by passionate staff
    • served with class
  • Affordable prices

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9, Henri Berthelot St., Bucharest, ROMANIA, 010164

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